Bored on Vacation? Not for long!

Have you ever gotten that feeling like there is nothing to do on your vacation? Well, feel like that no longer. You can do a lot of things to make your vacation fun. Everyone has their own definition of fun, so make it to where everyone enjoys it. To me the zoo is a  great place to make something up, but there is a lot of places to go during the summer. Here is a example…


1. What you can do is go to the zoo, blindfold a friend or family memeber and tell them to guess what animal it is. They can only use their sense of smell and hearing.

2. Invite friends over and have a cook-out

3. Have a Movie Marathon (start at 12:00 am and end at 12:00 am)

4. Anything you think is fun!  

Vacation Story of the Year!!!

Join me as we reach out to encourage people by vacation stories. Everyone likes a good story. Let’s make that good story yours. Enter a picture to go along with it.

I was inspired by all the smiles that I saw. It was amazing to see that even when people were having a bad day they could still keep a smile on their face.


What’s your story?
Best story gets a free trip to the Bahamas for the summer!!
Register to win at the Registration Forms page.
Second and third place winners get cash!!!

Out-Of-This World Vacation!

If you could go to a planet for your vacation, what planet would you go to?


In my opinion I would love to go to Pluto. Why, you may ask? Well…

1) It’s cold

2)It’s cold

3)It’s cold

4)Just to say I have been there

5)It’s cold

Yes, I LOVE cold weather!!!


Chibi Vacation!!!

So, I love Chibis and I have decided to give my posts a little bit more cheer!!!

Vacation is for sleeping in and…Being Awesome!!!!!!


What do you love most about Vacation?


Looking for A Vacation Spot?


(pick two)

Why do you like those places??