Long Timelines

So, to start off, it has been a while. I havent been on in like a whole year, maybe more. Ever since eleventh grade, and now starting twelth its been pretty busy. I hope to reconnect with you guys and contine talking again. Hope evrything is Fantstic, and catch up with you guys later!!!! KEEP LOVING LIFE!!!!!!

Bored on Vacation? Not for long!

Have you ever gotten that feeling like there is nothing to do on your vacation? Well, feel like that no longer. You can do a lot of things to make your vacation fun. Everyone has their own definition of fun, so make it to where everyone enjoys it. To me the zoo is a  great place to make something up, but there is a lot of places to go during the summer. Here is a example…


1. What you can do is go to the zoo, blindfold a friend or family memeber and tell them to guess what animal it is. They can only use their sense of smell and hearing.

2. Invite friends over and have a cook-out

3. Have a Movie Marathon (start at 12:00 am and end at 12:00 am)

4. Anything you think is fun!  

Vacation Story of the Year!!!

Join me as we reach out to encourage people by vacation stories. Everyone likes a good story. Let’s make that good story yours. Enter a picture to go along with it.

I was inspired by all the smiles that I saw. It was amazing to see that even when people were having a bad day they could still keep a smile on their face.


What’s your story?
Best story gets a free trip to the Bahamas for the summer!!
Register to win at the Registration Forms page.
Second and third place winners get cash!!!

Out-Of-This World Vacation!

If you could go to a planet for your vacation, what planet would you go to?


In my opinion I would love to go to Pluto. Why, you may ask? Well…

1) It’s cold

2)It’s cold

3)It’s cold

4)Just to say I have been there

5)It’s cold

Yes, I LOVE cold weather!!!


Chibi Vacation!!!

So, I love Chibis and I have decided to give my posts a little bit more cheer!!!

Vacation is for sleeping in and…Being Awesome!!!!!!


What do you love most about Vacation?